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Henna Gloss Bar - Hair Treatment

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Try our easy to use two application henna gloss bars.  This easy on the go application will help you continue your routine with not messy mixing.  Each packet contains detailed instruction on how to use.  The henna and strengthening treatment helps  both super nourishing and amazing for boosting hair growth and retaining length fast. Coco Butter Benefits: Super strengthening & Moisturizing. Helps prevent breakage.

Coconut oil Benefits: Omega 3 fats Lauric Acids & has antioxidants. Helps prevent protein loss. Honey: Reduces breakage & is rich in antioxidants.  Raw Honey contains enzymes and is an emollient Honey is also anti-bacterial and is hydrating.  

Aloe Vera powder: gives a balance PH and adds Slip. Aloe Vera also helps to repair damaged hair.

Henna benefits: Henna fills in pockets area where there is damage in the hair follicles Henna strengthens and thickens the hair.  Henna give nourishment to the hair.