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Henna Powder - Hair Treatment

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Resurgent Beauty’s nutrient dense Henna  can be used as a mask  and is bursting with concentrated bioactive ingredients that provide each strand of hair with optimal conditions.   

Using any hair products can react in your hair one way and another for someone else.   Remember all hair types are not the same so it’s always best when first using any new product to always best to do a hair strand tests or a skin patch test first. Even natural products can cause allergic reactions. Test before use.

Henna benefits: Henna fills in pockets area where there is damage in the hair follicles Henna strengthens and thickens the hair.  Henna give nourishment to the hair. (ps, henna powder adds tint to the hair so if you don’t want tint and only want the henna benefits, you can use our Cassia formula.) See Resurgent Beauty's Cassia formula. 

Be aware that Henna and Ayurvedic treatments can be drying for some people. It’s recommended that add aloe vera powder or a carrier oil and/or deep conditioner when first using Henna.  Please read the Resurgent Beauty protocol before first users of Henna.