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  • Fresh Cherry Blossom, Organic and Handcrafted

  • Natural, Organic and Handmade

    If you order before November, we may not have everything available on the website currently. However, you can contact me and I will let you know what I have available and what I can make for you in bulk. 

    Thank you for your patronage.


  • Self Care = Self Love

    Thank you for your patience.   Resurgent Beauty’s owner, is also the owner of a thriving behavioral health business, providing mental health services in the Maricopa County Arizona.  Has a therapist that would give advice to clients, to create something they love.   Creating Resurgent Beauty was my way of expressing my creativity that I can share with others.  Resurgent Beauty is what I love to do. Creating something that is geared towards
    self-care reflects my continued effort at helping others to uncover themselves and their passion.  Currently Resurgent Beauty has been working its way back to providing you with the high-quality natural products that our customers love. 
    It was unfortunate that we lost our building last year.   After losing our building to a fire, it was a blow to our productivity.   My intention is to re-revamp our website with our available products so you can go
    back to ordering the products you love.  Resurgent Beauty will be activity promoting our website presence in November. 

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Where to find us

We apologies for the online ordering issue you may have experience. The system is up and running now.

If you have any issue order please email us at Resurgentbeauty@gmail.com

As a specialized store we have to take the time out to make the products you love.

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You can make an appointment to pickup at the store on our closed days. So please contact us. We appreciate your business.

2041 W Glendale Ave, Phoenix Arizona


(+1) 602 341 5128