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PH Balancing spritz

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100% Hydration for your hair.  Ideal for long lasting moisture retention and re-balancing your hair. This Tea rinse formula will bring your hair to its natural PH and relax your cuticles so hair feeling health and soft.  This formula will also help slow hair breakage and increase the fullness of the hair.  

Use: after shampooing and conditioning and or when ever you feel the need for hydration.  Spray before blow drying.  Use after swimming or sitting in the sun. 

 Use the  The Calendula Hair PH Balance formula  with Biotin, is  like  a liquid hair vitamin that hydrates, nourishes and works to improve hair + scalp health. It increases collagen production, which strengthens hair; and it also has a high silica content, which promotes hair growth. 

Use the Peppermint infusion PH Balance, with MSN will  to help increase blood circulation to the scalp which aids in hair growth, reduce dandruff and itchy scalp. 

Both formula's include: Aloe Vera Juice, Rice water, Nettle leaf, glycerin, Infused, Neem, Calendula DL Panthenol.